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Why host a Fair Trade Event?

By hosting a public or private Fair Trade Event you can encourage your guests to learn about how their choices can positively impact farmers and workers in the Global South.

Using your Fair Trade Event as an opportunity to showcase your personal values and commitment to fair trade, you can inspire your friends, family and guests to consider global issues that have an impact on people, their communities, and the environment.

Public event designations can include anything from large conferences and festivals with thousands of attendees, to community events such as meetings, sidewalk sales or social events. Private event designations are more personal and can include weddings, parties and other gatherings.

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Estimate shows the potential Fairtrade Premium that could be generated by getting your event Fair Trade designated and offering Fairtrade coffee and tea. Add in other Fairtrade products like chocolate, sugar, flowers and fruit and the impact could be so much greater. The Fairtrade Premium is paid to producers for their crops, in addition to the purchase price, and is used to improve their businesses. For small events, the potential impact may not seem significant, but this designation is about scale and education. Many small events getting designated adds up to a big impact, and we’re increasingly seeing larger and larger events coming on board. Plus, it’s not just about the products consumed at your event – consider the impact of telling your attendees personally about Fairtrade, and influencing the choices they make in their own lives.


The Fair Trade event designation is awarded to event that meet three key requirements.

  1. There must be various categories of Fairtrade certified products available throughout the event.
  2. Organizers must work with committed partners to ensure fair trade educational materials and products are available throughout the event
  3. The event must promote understanding and raise awareness of fair trade for participants through print and digital materials.
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We provide all the resources you need to get your community designated as a Fair Trade Event. Visit our online resource kit which contains a pamphlet and more.

If you are looking to source Fairtrade brands to meet the product availability requirement, the Canadian Fairtrade Purchasing Guide 2020 is a valuable source of information.

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Materials and resources

Fairtrade Canada has a wide range of free promotional materials available to promote fair trade at events and businesses in your community. Posters, stickers, buttons help attract attention, while infographics and fact sheets provide detailed information for those wanting more information. Business resources include window clings, shelf wobblers and coffee shop kits.

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Designation Name Date City Province Participants
SFU Fair Trade Panel Discussion 2022 May 26, 2022 Burnaby BC 30
École Westridge Elementary school Presentation May 9, 2022 Burnaby BC 55
La Grande Fête de la Solidarité May 12, 2022 Québec Québec 250
RDV annuel Magasin du Monde Mar 11, 2022 Montréal Québec 70
Diversité au Féminin – deuxième édition Mar 12, 2022 Sherbrooke Québec 300
Marche Monde 2022 May 6, 2022 Montréal Québec 5,000
Fair Trade Campus Week at SFU Oct 25, 2021 Burnaby British Columbia 300
Fair Trade Handbook Maritime Book Launch – Valley Nov 4, 2021 Hortonville Nova Scotia 80
Fair Trade Handbook Maritime Book Launch – Halifax Oct 1, 2021 Halifax Nova Scotia 80
Opening Week Fair Trade Booth at SFU Sep 8, 2021 Burnaby BC 100
Alberta Culture Days in Olds Sep 18, 2021 Olds Alberta 8,000
Mireille Saurette and Rick Piche’s Wedding Celebration Aug 7, 2021 Brandon Manitoba 25
University Highlands Elementary School Fair Trade Engagement Mar 11, 2021 Burnaby BC 30
February Lunch and Learn At McGill Mac Campus – Plant Based Eating Feb 17, 2021 Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Quebec
SFU StreetFest 2021 in Virtual 3D! Jan 21, 2021 Burnaby BC
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* Estimates of Fairtrade Premiums are based on the average consumption of coffee and tea by Canadians according to recent research.