1213 people worship at 10 Fair Trade Faith Groups

Why Become a Fair Trade Faith Group?

The Fair Trade Faith Group Program encourages people of all faiths to engage with a global movement that gives 1.66 million farmers and workers the opportunity to build better and more sustainable lives.

Seeking justice in the world is a fundamental tenet of all faiths. As a Fair Trade Faith Group, you and your fellow worshipers have the opportunity to pursue justice for producers in the Global South, and to exemplify ethical leadership through a movement that reflects your values.

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Estimate shows the potential Fairtrade Premium that could be generated by getting your faith group Fair Trade designated and if everybody chose Fairtrade coffee and tea every day. Add in other Fairtrade products like chocolate, sugar, flowers and fruit and the impact could be so much greater. The Fairtrade Premium is paid to producers for their crops, in addition to the purchase price, and is used to improve their businesses and communities.


The Fair Trade Faith Group designation is awarded to faith groups that meet three key requirements.

  1. A steering committee composed of a combination of members and leaders of the faith group that will meet regularly.
  2. There must be coffee, tea and a third Fairtrade certified product available for worshippers and visitors.
  3. There must be promotional and informational material available at the place of worship to create visibility and awareness of Fairtrade.
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We provide all the resources you need to get your community designated as a Fair Trade Faith Group. Visit our online resource kit which contains a pamphlet and more.

If you are looking to source Fairtrade brands to meet the product availability requirement, the Canadian Fairtrade Purchasing Guide 2020 is a valuable source of information.

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Materials and resources

Fairtrade Canada has a wide range of free promotional materials available to promote fair trade at events and businesses in your community. Posters, stickers, buttons help attract attention, while infographics and fact sheets provide detailed information for those wanting more information. Business resources include window clings, shelf wobblers and coffee shop kits.

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Designation Name Date City Province Congregants Website
Living Spirit United Church May 6, 2020 Drayton Valley AB 20
Knox United Church Feb 11, 2020 Brandon MB 350
The Point Church Mar 11, 2019 Burnaby BC 75
Eglinton St. George’s United Church Apr 24, 2018 Toronto ON 153
Congrégation Missionnaire de Mariannhill Mar 8, 2018 Sherbrooke QC 100
United Church in Meadowood Jan 30, 2018 Winnipeg MB 160
Salvation Army Heritage Park Temple Jan 9, 2018 Winnipeg MB 200
The Salvation Army Brandon Sep 27, 2017 Brandon MB 30
Emmaus Anglican Church Apr 13, 2016 Wesmount QC 100
Unity of Greater Hamilton Feb 26, 2016 Hamilton ON 25

* Estimates of Fairtrade Premiums are based on the average consumption of coffee and tea by Canadians according to recent research.