7624610 Canadians live in 27 Fair Trade Towns

Why become a Fair Trade Town?

Becoming designated as a Fair Trade Town is a great way to unite your local population with the global community of fair trade advocates by making a commitment to support the principles of Fair Trade through ethical and sustainable purchasing choices.

Fairtrade supports 1.66 million farmers and workers in the Global South with access to fairer and more direct terms of trade, decent labour standards, and environmentally sustainable practices.

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Estimate shows the potential annual Fairtrade Premium that could be generated by getting your town Fair Trade designated and if every resident chose Fairtrade coffee and tea. Add in other Fairtrade products like chocolate, sugar, flowers and fruit and the impact could be so much greater. The Fairtrade Premium is paid to producers for their crops, in addition to the purchase price, and is used to improve their businesses and communities.


The Fair Trade Town designation is awarded to communities that meet five key requirements.

  1. A steering committee composed of active community volunteers and leadership members that will meet regularly.
  2. Fairtrade certified product availability throughout the town, relative to its population size.
  3. Public awareness events that generate education for residents and engagement for local media.
  4. Community support from local businesses and other community partners such as schools and universities.
  5. Political Support from the municipal authority by committing to sourcing Fairtrade products.


We provide all the resources you need to get your community designated as a Fair Trade Town. Download our resource kit which contains an action guide, pamphlet, requirements summary, application form and more.

If you have retailers looking to source Fairtrade brands to meet the product availability requirement, the Canadian Fairtrade Purchasing Guide 2020 is a valuable source of information.

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Materials and Resources

Fairtrade Canada has a wide range of free promotional materials available to promote fair trade at events and businesses in your community. Posters, stickers, buttons help attract attention, while infographics and fact sheets provide detailed information for those wanting more information. Business resources include window clings, shelf wobblers and coffee shop kits.

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Designation Name Date Province Population Website
Montreal May 10, 2019 QC 1,704,694
Mont-Saint-Hilaire May 7, 2018 QC 18,585
Winnipeg Sep 29, 2017 MB 705,244
Rouyn-Noranda May 31, 2017 QC 42,334
Selkirk May 9, 2017 MB 10,278
Chelsea Jun 4, 2016 QC 6,909
Hudson May 19, 2015 QC 5,185
Guelph May 12, 2015 ON 131,794
Brandon May 20, 2014 MB 48,859
Trois-Rivieres Apr 28, 2014 QC 134,413
Edmonton Sep 26, 2013 AB 932,546
Toronto May 10, 2013 ON 2,731,571
Sherbrooke Feb 9, 2011 QC 161,323
Canmore Jul 6, 2010 AB 13,992
Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue May 21, 2010 QC 4,958
Barrie May 10, 2010 ON 141,434
Vancouver May 6, 2010 BC 631,486
Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve Apr 19, 2010 QC 136,024
Neuville Mar 31, 2010 QC 4,392
Revelstoke Dec 8, 2009 BC 7,547
Olds Nov 9, 2009 AB 9,184
Gimli Jul 1, 2009 MB 6,181
Golden Jun 8, 2009 BC 3,708
Nakusp Apr 29, 2009 BC 1,605
Port Colborne Apr 28, 2009 ON 18,306
Wakefield/La Peche Nov 9, 2007 QC 7,863
Wolfville Apr 17, 2007 NS 4,195

* Estimates of Fairtrade Premiums are based on the average consumption of coffee and tea by Canadians according to recent research.