Why become a Fair Trade Ambassador?

By becoming a Fair Trade Ambassador, you can demonstrate your commitment to social justice and help others become global citizens by promoting fair trade values. You will have the opportunity to network and build connections with like-minded people, and use your influence to widen the fair trade community by engaging with other leaders.

By strengthening your own fair trade community, you will play a direct role in ensuring that farmers in the Global South can live sustainable livelihoods and build stronger communities.


In order to become a Fair Trade Ambassador, you must meet the following requirements.

  1. You will need to fill out an online application, after which we will invite you to the upcoming training session. Following the training session, you will be required to complete a quiz and develop a one-year engagement strategy.
  2. You must commit to active Engagement and outreach in your region in different ways
  3. The Program requires a minimum ongoing commitment of one year.


We provide all the resources you need to get your community designated as a Fair Trade Town. Visit our online resource kit which contains an action guide, pamphlet, requirements summary, application form and more.

If you have retailers looking to source Fairtrade brands to meet the product availability requirement, the Fairtrade Purchasing Guide is a valuable source of information.

Materials and resources

Fairtrade Canada has a wide range of free promotional materials available to promote fair trade at events and businesses in your community. Posters, stickers, buttons help attract attention, while infographics and fact sheets provide detailed information for those wanting more information. Business resources include window clings, shelf wobblers and coffee shop kits.